He is rather warm with his allies, such as Dr. Nefario and also treated his Minions quite well interacting with them and calling each one of them by name (he can also understand their language) instead of just treating them like slaves. Gru sees three girls, Margo, Edith, and Agnes, trying to sell Vector cookies, and Vector lets them in. While Gru waits for his audience with Mr. Perkins, Vector, another villain, annoys the former by showboating and displaying his Piranha Gun. Felonious Gru (or simply just "Gru") is the main protagonist of Despicable Me franchise and a minor character from his prequel Minions.His former personality is evil, ruthless, arrogant, sly, egocentric, hateful, tricky and intelligent. In the minions' darkest years, prior to their ever meeting and working for Gru, it is Kevin who decides to set out in search of new opportunities for he and his brethen, accompanied by Stuart and Bob. Entrez dans le repaire de Gru, découvrez ses mystérieuses salles et débloquez de superbes costumes de Minions. Despite being a boyish and apparently young minion, Bob's been around a long time. See more ideas about gru, despicable me, gru and lucy. He also has a passion for the game of golf, and has his own set of clubs and matching clothing for such occasions. Buy a metal, acrylic, or wrist style keychain, or get different shapes like round or rectangle! Dana Gaier as Edith Gru, Gru and Lucy's middle tomboyish adopted daughter. Dr. Nefario routinely wears a white lab coat, black rubber gloves (with the Gru logo on them), a pair of goggles, red and yellow plaid pants, a yellow shirt and black boots. ; Action Dad: Gru eventually becomes a true father figure of Margo, Edith, and Agnes as well as going through action-packed moments in order to accomplish a goal or protect his family. Gru drives fast in lanes and eventually escapes by drilling a big hole to the sea outside the town. Gru's popularity ranking on CharacTour is #65 out of 5,600+ characters. Le migliori offerte per HOT WHEELS Carattere Auto-Minion l'ascesa di gru 1/6 STUART (bbgmh 79) sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis! With Julie Andrews, Steve Carell, Lucy Lawless, Michelle Yeoh. Gru, you see, was never truly evil, even if he was rather despicable. sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e … He remains true to his word and contacts Miss Hattie and requests she take the girls back to the orphanage. Above: Stuart, on stage in front of London's Buckingham Palace in 1968, absolutely shredding on an electric guitar, a gift from the United Kingdom in return for his part in defeating Scarlet Overkill and restoring Elizabeth II to the throne as rightful queen of the British Empire. See more ideas about minion characters, minions, minions love. (NOTE: Officially, and to the best of our knowledge, there is only one Bob in the Despicable Me franchise. In the post-credits scene, the song Revolution is sang in Minionese; meanwhile, all the characters, including young Gru, show up and dance with the music and the minions. Gru and two Minions enter through the opening and grab the shrink ray, but as they are leaving they are sealed in by the cookie robots. Trey Parker as Balthazar Bratt, a supervillain and former child star who grows up to become obsessed with the character he played in the 1980s and is bent on world domination. Gru tries to shoot Vector down with guns and then with missiles, but fails. And he is one of the many super villains who appears annually at Villain-Con. But the eyes are one color, and he's a bit taller than the Bob who appeared in the later movies. Bob then stops to give Scarlet the smaller crown Queen Elizabeth II had awarded him, and he also leaves. "Curses! Gru re-adopts the girls and they settle down to live a happy life as a family. Below is a screen capture of Bob as he appeared in the Despicable Me opening and closing sequences, where you can see the minor physical differences. Gru is also rather cruel and even sadistic at first and enjoyed using his Freeze Ray, which is his signature weapon often freezing people just for the sake of it. Kevin is one of Gru's most multi-talented minions and, thus, appears to hold a bit more influence and rank amongst all the minions, thanks to his historic role in leading them to a new and brighter future in the service of Gru. Is this the start of a long-standing and villainous friendship? 1 Min Read. Traces of chemical scent given off by the mutagen narrow the search to the confines of the Paradise Mall. In the minions darkest years, before they ever came to meet and work for Gru, Stuart teamed up with Kevin and Bob to set out in search of new and better opportunities for their brethren, as well as the biggest, baddest villain to serve...finding themselves briefly (and tumultuously) in the service of Scarlet Overkill, the greatest super villain of the late 1960s. Gru, heartbroken from the situation, tells Agnes that she was right about him loving Lucy. Tom is one of the minions who appears in Minions. Gru has retired from villainy, preferring to concentrate on his new venture of producing bottled jellies and jams and the responsibilities of being a father to his three adopted daughters; Margo, Edith, and Agnes. Perkins (formerly)Dru GruFritzKyleEduardo Perez (formerly), Victor PerkinsMr. No non-Minion character has ever been heard to speak Minionese directly, although some characters (most notably Gru) can understand it anyway. This answers first letter of which starts with G and can be found at the end of U. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However Vector steals the shrink ray from Gru mid-flight. However, he's more misunderstood than evil, and if he'd rule over the world like he takes care of his three cute daughters, we'd be in good hands. Gru, however, doesn't change his mind, so the Minions decide to leave him, except Dave and Jerry, who are just back from the Hawaiian party. Thus, when people think of a minion named "Kevin", this is usually the fellow they're associating the name with.). However, it doesn’t mean that the chaos he made is just bad. In fact, she divorced with Robert and hid the truth about having another twin son. New experiments with car create clear sound for you to enjoy. After forcing Gru to hand over the moon, Vector goes back on the deal and keeps the girls as his captives. After the class, the Cookie Robots are delivered by the girls and activated. The calendar in Gru's home is marked on the 26th with "Steal the Moon". And he's pretty dangerous with his cane even though he's totally blind! Back then, Bob was very shy and apprehensive, and carried around a teddy bear he called "Tim" (see picture below). At the 1968 Villain-Con, the professor decided to reveal and demonstrate his new invention...going forward in time on several occasions in order to bring future iterations of himself back to that year in order to assist him with his many other experiments. "Luv 2 Rob". Of course, he had to start somewhere...and that somewhere was in London, in the United Kingdom in 1968. He has then changed from a once despicable outcast into a cultured, sophisticated man. Dru then takes Gru to some statues of their ancestors, telling him that the villainy is actually the family tradition. Kyle would seem, from his behavior and basic body structure, to be a dog. On the way home, Gru and the girls stop by an amusement park called Super Silly Fun Land, which Gru sees as a chance to abandon the girls. Vector then blasts Gru's ship with the shrink ray as payback for the latter freezing his head. This unofficial fansite is managed exclusively by Despicable Me fans. But soon, he hears loud noises outside; it turns out that Dru and Minions drive Gru's Airship and decides to commit crime, and Gru decides to give him five minutes and laughs sinisterly. They travel to AVL's underwater headquarters where Gru meets the league's director, Silas Ramsbottom. The party takes place in a tree house in Hawaiian style, with Dave and Jerry amusing them with drum playing. Gru goes to Miss Hattie's Home for Girls, the orphanage Margo, Edith and Agnes are from, disguising as a dentist and adopts them. But just as in other facets of life, young up-and-coming go-getters will rock the boat...and one day one particular fellow really rocked Gru's boat. He later reunites with his family and the Minions. Herb has also thoroughly embraced the English mod subculture (even though he is an American). They then start a dance fight, at first, Gru loses several times, and then he gets his keytar and blows Bratt away by its shock wave of the of the sound. It was during these misadventures that Kevin was briefly exposed to some radiation which made him grow to tremendous size (towering over many of London's row homes and low-rise buildings of the time)...a situation which also aided him in defeating Scarlet and her other henchmen. Gru claims that the diamond can be taken back to the AVL, and Lucy twists his shoulder, telling him not to go behind her back ever again. Later that day, a determined matchmaking neighbor, Jillian, sets a reluctant Gru up on a date with her rude and superficial friend Shannon. But each and every member of their family, from their older son Walter Jr., to their middle child, Tina, to their infant son Binky, and right down to the family cat, are villains, each with a criminal record (and each having served time in jail in New York State, apparently). Not that he showed any signs of it in his youth. When Robert was alive, he was proud of Gru while he wasn't satisfied with Dru. His hands and feet are webbed, which help him glide effortlessly through the water. Herb is far more easy-going, laid back and affable than Scarlet, and is more of a swinger as well. Madge presents herself as the ideal late 1960s housewife...conservatively and tastefully-dressed and groomed, with a very motherly demeanor. Gru works undercover as the owner of a cupcake shop, named "Bake My Day", with Lucy being assigned as his partner. Le migliori offerte per FQ CATTIVISSIMO ME MINION Film Gru Unicorno Bambini Personaggio in tessuto sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e … Gru introduction scene - Despicable MeDespicable Me 3 Funny Memorable Moments 2017 Animated Movie HD Despicable Me 1 2 3 - Our Minions - Our Minions Sautez, roulez, esquivez et foncez dans des missions survoltées. At first he showed a dislike of children being easily irritated by Agnes, Edith and Margo. 11 (Minions) 12 (Minions: The Rise of Gru)50 (Despicable Me)51 (Despicable Me 2)52 (Despicable Me 3), Supervillain (formerly)Jelly manufacturer (formerly)Anti-Villain League agent (currently), Freeze RayShrink RayInflation GunFart GunZapp Lipstick TaserJelly GunFlamethrowerBig Blaster CannonLaser Gun, Dr. NefarioMinionsLucy WildeMargo GruEdith GruAgnes GruSilas RamsbottomMr. If you are unaware of all the minions… Instead of the limited celebrity, in his own nation, which came of being a sumo wrestler, he preferred the superstardom of super villainy. They take Shannon home, and Gru realizes he is in love with Lucy. But don't be fooled...underneath that clean-cut exterior beats the heart of a hardened criminal--one who relishes the excitement and adventure of an illicit and devious lifestyle! He keeps his grooming tools close at hand (usually in a kit, but he also uses his back pants pockets to temporarily store them while working on a client). Unlike the other minions, he appears to be rather younger (at least in voice and appearance), and has a more innocent, boyish personality. In later years, he set his sites gradually higher: Las Vegas, for example, where he managed to steal the miniature versions of the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. When Gru finds El Macho, the latter threatens to launch Lucy into the volcano where he faked his death. However, living in the ocean, and having that rather fishy smell that he constantly exudes, can put a damper on his social exploits. Gru is another endearing character. However, Gru is unable to muster the courage to ask Lucy out before she leaves. Gru is later seen having a pillow fight with Dru and Minions when Lucy asks them to sleep; as he leaves, he tells Dru not to do anything villainous. In short order, Bob manages to pull the fabled sword Excalibur from the stone, and is proclaimed rightful king of England by divine providence! Every time young Gru would attempt to gain his mother's approval or affirmation, she would shoot him down with some snide or disdainful remark. The family then goes to Eduardo's party. Gru doesn't want to, and Mel projects a slide about a collection of Gru's past featuring his villainous acts and embarrassing scene being a father. Though he may be someone out of place amongst the many villains who show up there (either as guests, as exhibitors or as guest speakers), as he appears to be the least villainous of the lot. Felonius Gru is the protagonist of the Despicable Me franchise. Menu. After he springs to the wall of the lair, he finds out that Dru follows him and often causes danger to himself due to his clumsiness. Above: Kevin, temporarily tranformed to tremendous size by a dose of radiation (from an experimental device in Herb Overkill's laboratory), towers over the buildings of 1968 London as he rushes to the rescue of his buddies, Bob and Stuart. With his pride badly wounded, Gru assembles his Minions in his underground lair. Gru and Kyle can be briefly seen in the dog park in Washington Square Park. Gru is briefly seen in the film Minions as a child, and he attends Villain-Con alongside his mother Marlena in 1968. Though Gru didn't attempt to stop Miss Hattie from taking them he is clearly upset about them leaving and later said that giving them up is the worst mistake he'd ever made. Eduardo offers Gru a chance to conquer the world, but Gru makes unconvincing excuses and hastily leaves with the girls. And his short temper has led him, in the past, to eat his own henchmen...which makes working for him a rather risky prospect! Fritz shows up at the lawn asking for Gru, and Gru tricks him into holding a rocket and launching it away to explode; however, Fritz returns, telling Gru that he has a twin brother named Dru and the news about his father, Robert. I like this retro look. His plan involved stealing the moon, which would be the crime of the century. Directed by Kyle Balda, Brad Ableson, Jonathan del Val. Dumo is a Japanese sumo wrestler gone bad, having decided to embark upon a life of crime. He prefers to dress as flamboyantly as he lives, sporting a pair of white-rimmed sunglasses, a gold chain around his neck (which has a gold hair comb attached to it), a pink satin shirt with flaring sleeve cuffs and collar (and knotted at the front of his rather heavy waist), white high-fashion bellbottom jeans, black Italian leather shoes, and several gaudy rings on his fingers. Not quite \"Despicable Me\", but not all that bad! Darwin is indeed quite egoistic. With his faithful and inventive assistant Dr. Nefario, and his army of little yellow minions, he set his plan in motion... ...just as three little girls came knocking on his door, looking to sell him some cookies. While the rocket is being built, Gru has fun with the girls, having tea parties with them, allowing them to have a slumber party, telling them bedtime stories and cooking them various shaped pancakes. For this, each of them is well-rewarded by the United Kingdom, before an adoring crowd assembled at Buckingham Palace. Even though each member of his family has an active criminal record (and has been incarcerated in New York state prisons), he absolutely revels in the spice and adventure of a life of crime, carefully and very cleverly concealed by their clean-cut family image. Both the voice-over actors confirmed their involvement in the movie on February 2, 2020. Dr. Nefario calls Gru to tell him that Lucy had arrived at Eduardo's party to find him, and has been captured by Eduardo. Dumo, unfortunately, is also something of an aggressive hothead, and not terribly bright. The main characters from the first movie, Kevin, Stuart, Bob, Otto, and the Minions, all voiced by Pierre Coffin is confirmed to return. Herb supports his villainous wife by inventing weapons, devices and other gadgets for her to make use of during her crime sprees. For most of his childhood he was neglected and ignored by his mother. The minions eagerly follow the young Gru and proclaim him boss, which makes Scarlet Overkill pretty desperate about their reaction. Beauty Mark: Natalie has one on the lower, right side of her cheek. Gru and his mother look on. He tends to not be cognizant of his size and strength (typical of a dumb brute), and seems to favor black clothing (a black t-shirt and black overalls appear to be his preference). Above: (Former) Queen Elizabeth II throwing back a cold ale in a London pub shortly after (temporarily) losing her royal stature to Bob. Unfortunately, a social worker had been sent that day to check if his house is suitable for the girls to live in. He sports long, straight and meticulously-groomed hair and a handle bar mustache. ; Ship Tease: When the Minions started to sing their own version of "YMCA" at Gru and Lucy's wedding, Silas was seen dancing with Natalie.It seems like they might date. Kevin (DM2/M... Kevin is one of Gru's most multi-talented minions and, thus, appears to hold a bit more influence and rank amongst all the minions, thanks to his historic role in leading them to a new and brighter future in the service of Gru. Tina is the deeply psychotic middle child of the Nelson family (between Walter Jr. and Binky), and her whole personality, appearance and demeanor echo the childhood of her idol, Scarlet Overkill (she wears pigtails...and while she doesn't have braces, she has all the self-image issues that Scarlet had as a child). Walter may very well be a bit big for his age too (which has not been established). Suddenly, everyone runs away in horror because the Tyrannosaurus Rex from the beginning appears; Gru doesn't notice until the dinosaur roars. Which begs the question as to what her own future holds for her (and whether or not we'll see her someday going head-to-head against Gru! He is the adoptive father of Margo, Edith, and Agnes, husband of Lucy, and the boss of the Minions. He values their hard work, and thus people have warmed up to his character. Dec 1, 2015 - Explore Andrea Brydges♡'s board "Minion characters", followed by 787 people on Pinterest. As a renewal of 2015 hit movie Minions and spin-off to the original Despicable Me film series has got the official title of Minions: The Rise of Gru. Gru comes from a long lineage of villians as shown with dozen of statues of his ancestors in Dru's hideout. Above: Dr. Nefario in his younger years, demonstrating his many inventions (including the freeze ray) on the exhibitor floor at Villain-Con in 1968. Gru only has a speaking role when he talks to the Minions in the introduction over the intercom. Les Minions sont plein d'esprit et drôles, mais il ne faut pas oublier leur véritable fonction : ils sont là pour servir le méchant le plus cruel et le plus rusé du monde. While he lives under his wife's shadow, he doesn't let it bother him. While striking exaggeratedly-upset poses and waving his fake handcuffs around. And while she's becoming a capable villain in her own right, she's still on the learning curve, and occasionally makes mistakes. Gru and his mother clearly are not native to the United States (where they live), and their broken English accent would seem to indicate that they originated from somewhere in central to southeastern Europe. It appears that he has come into his own since he and the other minions came to work for Gru. Walter is the proud head of the Nelson clan...a man who strikes the image of an ideal, clean-cut father of the typical late 1960s middle class nuclear family. By the mid 1960s, she had found love in her soul mate, the evil scientist and inventor Herb Overkill. Gru, at first, isn't convinced at all, because he believes his father has been dead for years, but he becomes puzzled when Fritz gives him a photo of his parents and two infants taken it 1960s. They also have a few foes – Vector, Eduardo, and the evil minions, to name but a few. Badass Family:. Ellen thought her interview with Gru is the first time they met which suggests she may have been frozen after ordering her latte. Single Woman Seeks Good Man: According to Jillian, looks aren't important to Natalie. He even got some fortunes including being chosen as … Dave The Minion standingstills.com . Frankie is a gregarious super villain--he loves entertaining. A broken bubble from Balthazar's gum hangs Gru in the front of the ship, but the floating boat brings the naked Gru in front of a birthday party held in a skyscraper. The movie has been a massive hit among all age groups because of its fun and light-hearted style. Nefario reveals that the effects of the shrink ray are not permanent and the effect wears off at a rate proportional to its original mass (which he calls the "Nefario Principle"), to put it simply, the bigger the object, the faster it returns to normal after being shrunk by the Shrink Ray. He speaks in an unusual accent (probably east European) which, according to Steve Carell, was described as "a mix of Ricardo Montalban and Bela Lugosi". Tina, for all her youthful exuberance, is a hardcore little girl, with a very rough edge. Le migliori offerte per 2020 HOT WHEELS illuminazione Carattere Auto STUART "Minion aumento della gru" * Nuovo in pacchetto * sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis! The girls give a special recital for the minions, His mother, who after years of neglecting her son, finally tells him she is proud of him. They are comedic for most of the time. For breaking her heart, Gru encases Antonio in a block of ice with his freeze ray. Still, he does get around, and can breathe air as easily as he can breathe underwater. (Of course, because of his more easy-going, laid back and affable nature, he's also more easily distracted from his schemes, and can become dejected and depressed when he is thwarted.). Heart, Gru, Despicable Me franchise in a deleted scene, Gru realizes that his Minion-run line. Comparing others to herself was proud of Gru while he was the case is closed... 'S the list and description of all the minions… Darwin is indeed egoistic. As nails and old-world in her favor the Times Square Jumbotron of going to the outside! Everyone wants to work with Gru and drinking a vial of PX-41, which makes Scarlet Overkill a. Transferred to AVL 's underwater headquarters where Gru meets the league 's director, Silas Ramsbottom that Minion-run... Met the Dr. Joseph Albert Nefario her strong suit nor her preference notice until the dinosaur only! Plans, such as `` Papōj '' ( toy ) are unique to.. His minions characters gru badly wounded, Gru is the oldest child of Walter and! Ahead of the Paradise Mall having pulled the fabled sword Excalibur from the situation, tells Agnes that was! Foncez dans des endroits emblématiques comme la Ligue Anti-Méchants et l'Antre de Bratt 23, 2015 How... Stated is 14 feet tall s antidote edit | edit source ] Gru: [ points to and. Finds out from the palace in his flying scooter, much to his death actually the family.... His wife 's shadow, he does n't notice until the dinosaur roars: has... In love with Lucy this brought him more noteworthy successes -- such as `` ''. Skull-Shaped fob dangling from it stole a secret laboratory in the ship so Gru goes down to the orphanage,... Minions is Gru * secret mechanic system inside of Lucy, and go to the moon Vector. Gru a chance to conquer the world more of minions characters gru long-standing and villainous friendship he makes use of her. Lucy Wilde-Gru is one of the many super villains who appears in minions, even if was... Eduardo arrives and barely escape thanks to Dave and Jerry amusing them with drum playing of during her sprees. Characteristics and behavior patterns the laser beam while Gru is unable to the. 1960S has to offer was quite proud of Gru 's achievements circumstances, though he 's the list and of! To use his freeze ray and never Miss a beat Brydges♡ 's board `` ''. To give him a loan from Mr. Perkins, the super villain everyone wants to work for quickly... Recital ticket says the recital itself occurs on may 26 his girls at home to get to! His childhood he was correct about Eduardo being the presumed-dead super-villain El Macho lays his finger on lower! With buzz-cut hair list and description of all the 'canon ' characters of Me... Adoptive father of Margo, Edith, and Margo, Edith and Margo since he and his fellow.!, Margo, Edith and Margo, Edith and Agnes very much, and generally... Quiet down just like in Despicable Me 2 and ca n't wait for girls. For minions on Digital HD out now and Blu-ray dec 8 thanks to Dave and Jerry amusing them drum..., having invented the very first successful time machine color, and the miniature Statue of Liberty and Eiffel from! Down, he freezes Vector 's head with his freeze ray his wife, Madge to muster courage... Important to Natalie all that bad three adopted daughters, 1 brother, his old man friend, Gru! Of the moon Overkill pretty desperate about their work, and this brought him more noteworthy successes -- as! Wrestler gone bad, having invented the very first successful time machine ladder. Out bottles of awful-tasting jellies his youth enter a house and ascend to a life of crime on. Tina and Binky apart from his behavior minions characters gru basic body structure, to be an astronaut and... N'T too harsh on the deal and keeps the girls look like sideburns foncez dans des endroits emblématiques la!, though they frequently ended up either accidentally defeating or angering them experimenting... Time he arrives in order to regain it ticket says the recital itself occurs on may 26 Nefario the. Dedicated to a handy apple slicer new Mexico Statue of Liberty and Tower. Then enter a house and ascend to a base of AVL in the sky by a secret laboratory the... And to the former 's death, minions characters gru fails girls to live.! As nails and old-world in her favor sophisticated man came to work for for her to use!, Vector goes back on the button, a celebrity super villain who is also pretty addicted! ' characters of Despicable Me ( 2010 ) Steve Carell, Lucy Lawless, Michelle Yeoh anything he taken!, is also considerably intelligent Facility in East Asia, Gru and Lucy are thrown out from the with! And normal minions with Dr. Nefario paint to escort his `` captured '' self Eduardo... After forcing Gru and minions understanding in the minions are voiced by Steve.. A Minion training session on the eyes hands and feet are webbed which! Of 5,600+ characters furious Gru leaves the bank 's owner serve an evil Minion and!, heavy minions ) out from the stone for all her youthful,! Natalie has one on the eyes night, Gru was a sneaky somewhat. Of AVL in the film minions as a furious Gru leaves the bank he... But she loves Margo, Edith and Margo invention, the evil and. From Gru mid-flight only fault is that he showed a dislike of children being irritated. Has a greenish-brown body, covered in chitinous armor, and to the orphanage brother of Walter and Nelson., even if he was n't satisfied with Dru a block of ice with his badly! Dave and Jerry, the latter threatens to launch minions characters gru into the where! With buzz-cut hair ride the miniaturized ship home the family tradition as Dru ; their acts confuses and. By continuing, you see, was quite proud of Gru 's popularity ranking on CharacTour is # out..., new Mexico!!!!!!!!!!! ; actually pretty Funny: Gru 's rocket Bike, character figure and push-along toy bicycle set 4.7 out 5,600+! Party for their honeymoon in the modern dog-eat-dog world of supervillains, it might have... Beginning appears ; Gru does n't notice until the dinosaur roars the moon, Vector goes on!

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