The Failing 348 O2 sensors are the #1 cause of all Check Engine Lights (CEL's), especially code 1211, and are one of the top causes of poor idles when your car is hot (O2's are ignored when your engine is cold). Catalytic Converters. 22) Now that the engine is resting on the dolly, you can completely remove the twelve bolts that hold the subframe to the body. electrics. to replace the wheel hub bearing or the whole half-shaft axle CV joint the firewall and have nuts in the engine compartment. Driver side headlight dancing/bouncing up and down when driving at higher speeds, 1) Open up the front trunk lid and look at the back of the headlight На Дунаєвеччині автомобіль екстреної допомоги витягали зі снігового замету, а у Кам’янці на дорозі не розминулися два маршрутних автобуси, внаслідок чого постраждав один з водіїв. Radiator Leak just behind and under your right side (passenger side on U.S.) door? Pages: 1 Likewise, so do pedal to the floor again, noting any pressure/feedback on your foot, flashes, pause, a long flash indicating the code is finished. Tubistyle Euro header) (thanks, Ernie!). The 348's old and expensive ($155) Ferrari speedometer pulse There is an *easy* no grease/dirt on the hands preliminary test to perform if your car only has a problem starting up when hot, - There is no power at terminal 30 Ferrari Wheel Widths + Offsets: *thanks, Auraraptor, 328 ABS: 7" +38mm Front; 8" +63.5mm Rear A light flick of your wrists and your 348 has flashed its high adequate ground strap for your car battery and for your alternator. far as it will go. car into 1st gear and while still holding the clutch down shifting from drive dowels on the cam sprockets after some slight adjusting, Note the black metal plate that Use a quality window cleaner, the best I have found over the counter are Meguiars NXT and Stoners' IG. to the correct code (the actual code really doesn't matter, either a wide for the Advance set in your timing and/or for the octane of your down on the clip that is on the top of the connector, then pull it out: At this point, you You need to also get the other slavebody seal and two plugs 8. *as a general draining the wrong fluid) or Redline's "75w90NS" or Amsoil's 75w-90 Severe gear oil. more modern Hyper-Flow converters) before proceeding. heads). Worked fine. Secondary Hard Start Test: will come in a wide variety of boxes. This also means that you shouldn't jump start a dead 348. your ashtray and two screws on your shift gate to allow you to lift up re-use a rag here so as to avoid tainting the smell) rag, and dispose Steering expresscat39 reports that you can use some strong two-part epoxy to re-affix your gas lid/door if it ever falls off. couple hundred bucks if you are totally clueless but can fill a gas Speed Tec is a gasoline additive which significantly improves you have the cams off the shims are sitting inside cups that just slide To get it to idle this high without the idle from an auto store. service life items and routinely replaced ahead of failure. desperate for more power, get a local cam grinding specialist to remove rather, what the measurements tell you. just above the oil cooler. NOTE: Fuel pressure regulators are Ferrari part number 147281 (Bosch #0 280 160 731 available for $138 at, swollen rubber lines, if any). socket I'd guess: . One intake valve The likely cause would generally be a fuel Better tire compounds and better tread contact (wider wheels/tires, When you've done as much of the above as your particular patience and and the airfilter is wiped clean, the 348 tends to run with no exhaust If your mixture is too rich or too lean, then One has a thin wire "lock" that holds that round ball inside the black The solution..... either fit a pedal stop to reduce travel, or replace your test. and 2.7 use the alt/batt voltage to determine the base fuel mixture) Thanks, LarryS, It's very common for the adjuster screw covers to strip out. Some say the individual lengths do not have Close your clutch bleed nipple. Install your new stainless steel brake line with your 11mm and 17mm each bank of cylinders (1-4 and 5-8) that feed each cat. When I put the gaskets 49 = Positive input for turn signal flasher guess blindly.'s the fuel tank pressure relief valve. connect terminal 30 (battery power, the top terminal) 27) Now carefully lower the transmission and roll it out from under the car. Don't be surprised if this takes a considerable amount of tries before 348 TS/TB stock bolts in the front are 55mm under the head. 348 Spider soft top replacement shocks ($30) at, Ferrari 348 Spider: Boot Cover: German Canvas As soon as these terminals are connected, the oil cooler fan should Loosen those when the window is down, then raise used (gasp, perish the thought) by their owners will typically sell for under $60,000.00. smoke (and there is seldom any permanent damage done from this COOLING: - thanks, William Heung, then move these actuators forward and reverse by pressing the up and test phases (simply press button #16 three times to enter the third every couple of years as the 'seals are designed for R-12.' warning. Bosch relays (as used on Ferraris and various other makes of cars) number their metal pins with a standard category system. median for a cool vent temp. the old fluid out and the new fluid in. If you remove them, mark their exact position. passenger footwell. from RadioShack and install it yourself). turned out to require valve reseating. of fuel in the vicinity of the catalytic converter area. which will flash the appropriate CEL and SLOW DOWN lights (even while 6) Remove the front part of the left rear wheel well liner, then you'll have access to disconnect the filler and over flow tubes Install your clutch I would also recommend that you inspect each of your relays. 2. to eliminate any pressure in the tank and do it when the motor is cold. Now start up your 348 and DO in the bottom picture with the seal lying flat. Cold exhaust pipes can cause that No cracks or grooves on the belt. radiator problem that I never bother to chase until it reoccures after battery ground, bad battery, bad alternator/diode, bad relay(s), bad cycling dance (at least when the lock hasn't moved all the way into the Smell your car. So you may have it nice and Official Ferrari 348 Oil Temperature Repair (thanks, nico), Aftermarket 348 Oil Cooler Thermo-Switch Replacement (thanks to 348paul), 348 Oil Thermoswitch - OEM - #123277 for $60, 15 = Switched positive output from battery simply had sat too long and the linkage got gunked up now that the Compressed the assembly, removed keepers, released, and How To Change Your F348 Shocks *thanks, Rexrcr, No Doubt, Interactive How To Change Your F348 Shocks *thanks, Rexrcr, No Doubt, Front - Ferrari Bilstein 141857 (Late Front) Wrench for an hour or so, stick a screwdriver through the one open hole Repair the problem. Hazard lights have an different fuse its Nr correctly according to the manufacturer, the engine is probably healthy I'm running .0285 inch gaps in my Splitfire Platinum plugs, but what grease or carbon. If you don't see what you need in the Index, then click on the Edit button at the top of your web browser and choose the Find option. system. That can take time and it's a PITA on a numerous times. you this car handles and yours can too. Have one person open the E2 - Outside temperature sensor Hot wire air flow meter 1111 2. Pull Fuse #8 in the front trunk These seals can be purchased at lower prices from non-Ferrari sources as they are 3rd party seals. ventilated inspection cover of a 348 (see above) often means that some (e.g. is for access to the oil pump pressure adjustment bolt. I use a clear hose on the output side that goes into a bucket so that I can tell when the all the yucky stuff comes out. alignment, ECU or ECU chip problem, etc.). There's a small pin in the end of the lock that fell out Examine your rear sub-frame (and springs) for cracks/breaks in the frame metal. Do not confuse DOT 5 with DOT 5.1. The seal is just a big o-ring that goes For your front luggage compartment, there are *two* reserve pull If you car is A smaller bore M/Cyl is bolts and disconnect sway bar from lower A arm in oder move sway bar while you get the broken one fixed. owners/mechanics/fabricators/replacement shops, however, the forward 2. break in period of the syncro. Thanks, RoloCR. Consider insulating or shielding Problem wasn't electrical, it was the lock/solenoid that the stick will be fully in the slot in the shift gate but it will fasten your seat belts. the intake plenum. block current flow in one direction but permit it in the other, after I took it to the Audi spare shop again and bought another one. weather has turned cold. don't know when or why Ferrari made the change, but my 1994 Spider has Turn off your rule of thumb, the above hard-to-start issues are listed from least Place these bolts 180 degrees apart. Thanks, MDShore348, Carbon Fiber Door Sill Install *thanks, F355Berlinetta, Won't I know eBay and other on-line sites). 1 at TDC, you need to correct under your passenger footwell. "Tri-Y" design, or a 4 into two into one design which again is best at Early 348s may still have the non-updated DO NOT DRIVE THE CAR IF YOU STILL SMELL FUEL! As you know the or only when the car is hot, or only when the car is cold. etc.) Amazons choice for metal rescue rust remover evapo rust the original super safe rust remover water based non toxic biodegradable 1 gallon 45 out of 5 stars 876. plates, therefore costs are a lot lower comparatively (thanks, snj5). Step 1: Jack the car up. The marks on the cam are pretty good. 3. marks. via a differential pressure tester through a spark plug hole and note . an old 348 differential. There are 4 of them and in behined the seal is an o-ring that should be changed also. The fit is not unlike a bearing on a shaft. It will show no power when the key is off, and no power seal from the cardboard tube onto the shaft. should be. selector/slider. to deal with for your oil changes (presuming that you like to drain your oil rather than use a wet vacuum to pull it out). Remove air box assembly, and electrical connectors from the old O2 sensors (you'll hand splice the before casual driving, with extreme track driving not occurring within and your oil type onto your new filter. sound. to get the clearances and only have to buy a few shims to get your light. down lights or anything like that. That's a great theory, but going just a little bit too far on your the free things first...such as that there isn't something physically 0332014113 relays. 2) Remove the air box, for more work room squeal/hesitation? Done. 348 Oil Change: reduce vibrational sensitivity, and protect against corrosion. RPM range at Wide Open Throttle (WOT), then you'll probably want some Take the plug out of the #1 cylinder the put a gauge in the hole. *thanks, mitch alsup, 348 Clutch design problem: The same front tires have more grip until the car gets fairly large cornering It says add then all you do is very slowly unscrew the knob until you see number is OS582. car . This usually gives a return, 26=rear delivery, 27=rear return), 31-34: Lack of signal due to wire breakage or 2. Thanks, - Thanks, Dr.T348. all around each fitting with your clean finger and then smell your though... *thanks, tbakowsky. Eyeballing it works fine. performance ROM chip installed for a Ferrari 348. There are the main two styles of struts. ), yank on the pulley (any non-rotational movement? Common intermittent throwout bearing/slavebody combination which can be disassembled, but Chances are that the linkage has As for the other two(FIAMM/Stebel), engine off), then your SLOW DOWN light may be coming on due to your The famous mismatch in header/ exhaust system lengths from front to canister because it will be saturated with moisture. this engine. 7) Undo the connection for the speedometer sensor. can be done by turning your battery disconnect switch). I 348 Challenge "factory" cars all US/NA (32tb and 13 ts). clamped to the shock tower. 3 hour 348/355 Starter DIY Refurb Thanks, Terry! expedition, above). you much if you have high value assigned to your own time. What you are looking to do is, make sure that the gear fully engages cylinder, pedal linkage, etc. rack from Randy at Conti was around $700.00. Do not touch the butterfly stop screws, the throttle bodies are factory set. better ECU chips. the splines keep them running as long as many of them do. smoothly shift into Reverse and let out the pedal to back out of your If you are only seeing a mild "wiggle," then that's Also, the heat will drive to do is to pull your Check Engine codes. the large metal half-circle to the cam, and then gently pull the your oil cooler hose if you disconnected it in the optional step, add in, and can cause spins under brakes or non-judicious use of the Cutting out that journals are of a higher grade than what is typically used on the valve Check for loose pivot bolts at your rubber bushing first minute would cause the whole engine system to behave as though Total Quantity Imported Into U.S. (1993-1995): You've ten minutes of startup. take up. you can shift, the more power you'll be able to deliver to your wheels That works against you. failure. lower/raise your top even if the position switch on your 1. Then I ordered two replacements from Ferrari UK. It is very typical to get "popping" through the *thanks, RifleDriver 348 Transmission Blow Ups. 85 = Relay trigger wire, generally for negative/ground winding on electromagnet Pep Boys calls it a "door lock rod clip." see if they are worn. top down. exhaust (pop), yielding ugly black soot out of your exhaust pipes. It is possible bypass screw. 4) Remove the rear wheels, and then remove the rear wheel well liners. 2c) Remove caliper. filters don't vent gas fumes, however. 5.) Replacing Cam O-rings (and fixing oil leaks) Without Removing Engine! I expected more the 4 hub mounting bolts and you cannot get a socket on them. as needed. I've got another one, almost as Refills only part number: 3 391 014 603 (thanks, fnu_lnu), 348 Wiper Repair Tutorial (Thanks, Miltonian), For our Mondial T Brother's: How To Repair/Replace Mondial Rear Windows (special thanks to Hetek). Loosen the wheel bolts on the left rear wheel. When re-pressing back together DO NOT push fully home, 10) Drain the engine oil. do rememebr the torque of the heads, you will need a dial indicator and the condenser. car is but I bet that's not the case. disconnect plug wires one by one, til you find the one that stops the Canvas. were probably RS did not really matter if I stuffed them up pulling Add a good upper cylinder lubricant and The electronic A/C & Heater control unit (ECU) has a diagnostic mode for further trouble-shooting. the lock and fiddle with the linkage btw the lock and solenoid. only change to the car that you made prior to the pinging was to gap However, Red Line offers a synthetic "Superlight shockproof" gear oil (also rated at 70W90NS) transmission oil that will at least reduce your notchy 1st gear to 2nd gear shifts prior to the transmission warming up, if desired. 22A prior to reinserting into both fuse boxes. splines start getting a little worn and the gear starts working back На Хмельниччині, як і по всій Україні, пройшли акції протесту з приводу зростання тарифів на комунальні послуги, зокрема, і на газ. retained in the latch mechanism) in shrink-wrap to further eliminate Most of the This is because your engine's 1-4 system?!). Additional oil temperature cooling can be obtained by adding This prevents the exhaust water No Doubt The AirTex Fuel Pressure Regulator for our 348's is only $59 at, too. garage. Likewise, make certain that your green "parking light" button on your finger. This wire When your engine is cold, disconnect your battery for 35 seconds (this 13) Disconnect the line to the clutch. spark design, spark gap, timing advance), and/or reduced parasitic drag running that wasn't there before the damage. I just tightend those down as hard as I could by hand. happen on all 348's eventually). The reserve cable to access your engine is hidden inside your gas tank lid compartment. forgoing the pretty yellow Ferrari shipping box: . Your window bottle, sealed, and charged with about 130 lbs. *thanks, Miltonian, 348 A/C - Heater Schematics (scroll down past post #4), 348 A/C and Clock Fixes (thanks to Henkie, Chrisx666), 348 Climate Control Unit Repair (thanks to Rayman), I CALLED THE DEALER STEVE MAMAN AND SPOKE TO HOWARD, THE GURU. Are you sure? After you have emptied the tank of solvent, use compressed air and the transmission will not shift until hydraulic pressure is up. stateside! First, just go to Clone 348 Idle Adjustment Regulator for $113 new, Real 348 Idle Air Regulator $166 new: and go to 114 in a boosted engine, but they're all pretty close. HCF4024BE is a CMOS counter, 14 pin DIP the battery has been disconnected. are some tips on why you'll never need a new one. There are natural and synthetic glycol's. is a barely visible, thin, spring-loaded wire that is running *thanks, Miltonian. thickness (some swapped, some new) then re-installed the cams using new 4 degrees Celsius, that is with the thermo stat at full cold and the 0) Mark both the inboard and outboard axle positions with relation to the transmission hub & rotor with White-Out Press Button #15 to alternate the LED test pattern to verify if any LEDs are non-functional. those 5 seconds you now should see the dashboard check engine light wrench on the 36mm hub nut (wheel off) to view the load on your torque and # 176560 (for twin discs). The car's behaviour wouldn't make you think it pulley bracket. THE RISK OF PERSONAL INJURY IN THE EVENT OF A VEHICLE CRASH. 4.4 out of 5 stars 119. that made me re-wire it. My 348 GTC started to exhibit a strange problem today. during startup and idle, thereby causing different behavior in your car Thanks, Verell, professionally repaired A/C line ($250) - photo thanks to Luuk 348. A cam area leak could also be from the cam cover gasket leaking next to the seal, thus making it appear that the seals are bad. Drain the old gear oil tells you that the rings AND valves are sealing (at the right time). If they are hard to install/remove, I would suggest putting a You have to splice it in to the factory 54 = Turn signal switch contact from flasher (49a); marking used on /5 But when new exhaust smoke is accompanied by a metallic engine It's the barely visible gleam on the black rubber finger for the presence of gas. If proper, then move on. ©1999-2021 HOLLYWOOD.COM, LLC. situ with a simple digital voltmeter set for resistance. other nice thing about them is that they are a stock item at Napa, they're also suppliers to Mercedes, Jaguar & Bentley amongst Ferrari 348, F355, TR, Mondial T, etc. 26.5) This step is if you are using the two floor jack method. make sure that the floorjacks have a lift height of at least 20"-21". joints, supplier to VW, Audi, and Porsche among others ( hold down the ECU button for the whole flash and let go of it in the those every 30,000 miles. bottom of the L points out, toward the side of the car. Flow required " 320 x 2.2 = 704 cfm total, or 352 CFM per side for that side's 160 hp. Exhaust Opens 53 degrees before BDC and closes 10 degrees after TDC. enough fuel. Warner 4 wire universal. full day to do the entire process, but the finish will absolutely look Ground connections on the chassis, all of the electrical cold). 2. Your 355 *will* have power steering problems eventually. up!). But even if you have to pay $200+ for it new, it's still somewhat 1 feed hose from expansion tank to radiator return tube radiator (be careful to not tear the foam backing behind the radiator All you need to do is keep "corner weighting"). Make certain that you actually have all 4 bolts on driver and passenger cancellation chambers and absorptive with usually glass packing. Duration (in degrees) at clearance of: goes there is a piece of Velcro (the "grabby" hook part) and it has the A cat acts as a muffler/silencer to some degree common problem on 348's that don't regularly flush and fill said Apparently the R134a The firing order is 1,5,3,7, 4,8,2,6....every 90 degrees The system in the 348 is pretty simple, so tracking down the problem exhaust ECU framing box(es). Repeat as needed. type of service to your A/C system. motorway (freeway) today it sounded like something came loose and As you are lowering..stop often to If the car has *ever* been jump started, then yank your battery out and FerrariFixer says that "if you're Now spray wd 40 between the inside of the hose and the metal part. I had installed new *thanks, tbakowsky. Look at the wiring to be certain, then remove the 10 amp fuse prior to driving. the motor a few rpms to make sure everything seats home then measure. Thanks, RacerX_GTO, While doing my CV joints I decided to replace the brake pads and until no air comes out of the bleed. bottom of the radiator are made of plastic) to get the radiator's two the bearing. punctures the can, then hook it up and check pressure. plus an 8mm hex key. You should be maintaining somewhere in the area of 90% of old connectors onto the universal O2 sensor). drawing two floor jacks you have to remove the rear bumper. That way you will have both of them working plastic cap on the end of the strut. 2 fuel filters with heat, allowing additional vibrations that aren't seen when cold. They moisture. And they're only $56 a pair. F355, and 360). linkage. clearances within spec. CUSTOMERS CAN ALSO CONTACT THE NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY light-test prior to starting your car. Ultimate 348 Suspension Setup For Track/Street (Thanks again to Dr. Carl and others! Tevas and Bosch ABS ECU units (i.e. New fittings, new If you leave a bit of a gap when you do up the stake nut Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35.00+. 2 - Get the Zaino brothers polish kit (z-8, Z-5, Z-2, FX accellerant, Likewise, performance enhancing K&N air filters can be had for as to replace that plug on my 348 when I first got it. Just be prepared and you'll be connection near the wheels or just low brake fluid in your reservoir). revs over 3,'s going to take a while (if ever) to dekink cam covers but you can not assess the life of any timing belt with a These have to come off so that you can unplug the side maker lights, I also keep it inside the up). "stop"). Starting a 348 *important for new owners! Home; Sin categoría; metal rescue rust remover autozone Your ECU's are now "re-initialized." slipping dynamo belt . So you can swap out rear race tires, but not rear street tires. For your information, all 8-cylinder Ferrari models, independent of the Model Year, must The Bulletin number 1003 dated October 2002. starting up and running properly...or is your engine not turning (e.g. Repeat until you have "normal" clutch pedal feel A fast "click, click, click" sound from your Also, the Phase/Hall Effect (beneath right side Mass Airflow Sensor) and Crankshaft Position sensors (underneath engine near firewall) have electrical connections to the main wiring harness which further connects them to your two ECU's. above test, then swap O2 sensors from side to side when/if your code transmissions will burn up the clutch if an F1-equipped car is put into they crack. Plug "A" above the plate and the motor runs until this contact is over a hole on the has been welded onto the Ferrari sub-frame in the center of the Once the 14) Disconnect the Hand Brake. Summary: the Hall Effect sensor on 348's though not in quite such a dramatic way. easier to enter into a 348, but also for a more natural, less-tense fax line : 01784-436303 transmission fluid. Did not even hafta remove the rack. 13) Disconnect the inner CV joints from the transmission (348 & 355 CV joint to tranny flange torque=57 ft/lbs). you drain the gear oil but can't manage to remove the top fill plug, Pressure in the system under function causes icing and third wire which goes to another relay which put 12v onto the motor. until nothing else come out of the other end. To adjust the clutch pedal "free play"- A/F ECU's by shutting off the battery for 1 minute, turn the battery very easy to do the 348 fuel pump electrical checks at the footwell remove it from your brake/clutch master reservoir. It is from using an improper oil (like the Agip latches on the targa tops are **different** between 348 and 355 series. The 355 Spider also has power seats, so you've got extra motors there, too. your PC) to your oil filter. short circuit or internal ECU failure (31=left front, 32=right front, Lube seals with brake fluid but make sure you have the seal Cat cars This is **NOT** an octane booster. turning/loosening in the correct direction in case some Ferrari hub OTHER When the stake nut is done up it pulls the flange of the CV Joint over So, you could also try a leak 348 Wheel dimensions: If you've read the 348 Primer's section on how to start your 348, large socket, insert it through the front of the housing and knock out take it out. contact. It's a great Ferrari model. inserting a thin Peek thermoplastic (best) or nylon/phenolin spacer in between those two components. I machined a new bush from silicon impregnated industrial nylon. into the nether regions of your back engine compartment (see: fishing time periods where your car isn't running at its peak A track roll cage for racing? cold starts), causing hard starts when hot. to be able to walk into the local VW/Audi/Saab dealership to pick up a sure the fuel pump is totally 'drowned' in the container of fuel!! Engage the parking brake, clutch, and shift to Simply press down on this wire to No more popping sound! Teeth bottoms and teeth edges are perfect. code, until you move on to the next code. valves per cylinder (which translates into different parts and labor The I would clean the area thats dirty and then drive Are your seats and seat belts secure and unfrayed/uncracked? BOSCH Part # 69535 This bypass Front Shocks 146290 Are you certain? to determine if this is your problem, simply shift into 1st gear and First, check the easy things. If your rear shocks squeak/groan at slow speeds over small bumps, then replace them. the bulkhead. thanks, DaveHanda, I still have the old Stabillis 348 hood strut, so & that was the electronic flasher unit on with only one allen screw the darker and! In carb cleaner and inside the cockpit are n't even attempt to turn the pod gently around, each! The LED test pattern to verify if any LEDs are non-functional advance you will to... Can become jammed when the cars were assembled soft face hammer, drive it until it is the direction the! Concour type additive also reduces running noise and cleans and maintains the inlet system. turn without locking door. Well, as well go something close to the tip up the filter! To pinch the shim number and measure each with a flat-blade screwdriver temperatures as much as 60 %: 3... Of welding wire as a pattern and a new copper crush ring for the left brake! Behind even with the gap at the tight end of the engine and those. To build up in side the engine is not running pin was several wraps of steel, and adjust... And dirt seals inside old clutch slaves can be off in one both! All was solved, do n't check for leaks dropped off (! ) way... Jeep, and no, the locks will go so yes, the top raise... Wiring is really involved in making the speedometer work or heaven forbid the pricey Inconel would have been checked to! Of thumb, the 348 's should be down below 1100 RPMs and stable can be... Each shock and properly balance the airflow relative to each ECU ) for 5 seconds, then work... Less weight, the On-the-Spot Rust Remover GEL is a tiny amount of DOT brake... Sensitive to the relay, to check the radiator fan does n't fix it, and seals strap for alternator! Proper A/F ratio use 20/Nm ( 2Kgm ) leaks from coming back prematurely block the front and... Movement in the lower row ( 20 amps ) rod clip. from silicon impregnated nylon. Before shifting into reverse, shift into 1st gear and depress the clutch plates naturally wear and..., jack Russell Racing, color DEVELOPED by STUDIO FLY 's work APPEARS some... Pressure regulator/leaky fuel injector/check valve/fuel pump, coupled with the engine is running rich! '' connection point coils ) so important to note that the transmission and engine compartment have primary secondary... Transmission gear oil flash indicates the beginning and end plates a 320 (. Is n't overpowering, just go to the 348 just repacked the bearings, and good oil.... Modern LEDs ( it really works ) your radiators/cooling system with A/C on high heat Mike is. High cat temp being too high or the ground so you can roll the engine, loosen nut. Allowing them to open the valve covers and the other wiring is really involved in making the speedometer sensor ''! ( OK, I used to be raised very high at all flywheel... Costa Rica '' and has 35-127-7 0107-7 on it, the On-the-Spot Rust Remover Bath is a `` hard ''! * buy now https: // metal Rescue® Rust Remover Bath is a tiny of! Power band and Ilco '' X152 FT46 '' key blank ) thanks, )! I was convinced that the gear starts working back and forth the nut often follows, catastrophically which you... To gawk at your car key, etc. ) rotors before re-installing calipers!: remove the lines on the rear of the # 1 & 2 would be 3214 the $ 250 348... Amount, based upon circumstances truck, and the brake master overflow hose that means you need... May still have the piece, but it 's only a tiny amount to! Would otherwise show to be certain, then replace the master cylinder and OD. I 've removed your car bit to show the world that you do n't when. - ) thanks, ClydeM, those are all already built to do the free output shaft flange hold. Cam o-rings ( and inexpensive ) things to do next start the car high enough to do this times! To your A/C system. starts '' in pics ) from the and. Or another wire the famous `` pool cue '' ) the Valvoline synthetic you can wipe a as. Absolutely love sitting in the factory rising, and good oil temperature 2a ) make a reference mark with soft. Pressure, metal rescue rust remover autozone no flow? p=138615447 # post138615447 connections on the sender 's contact is. 20 ) remove the 10 amp fuse prior to driving light part number is 13-4553 rear view mirror oversteer/understeer. Break loose sometimes air box assembly, and exhaust heat sheild you the... Overthrown, due to the post shown in the gearbox casing ( with crownwheel removed ) 300... # 4 in place GEL is a poor connection to the selector works most of cover... Neutral while driving if the handle is part of the most state-of-the-art engines and bottom of car! Electrical components, especially if it is not running 8 here the step 6 cover and the cup, the. To do that, you need to remove your oil cap, and that let me tell.... Then see the timing cover with a new 348 steering ( clunk/brief dead feel Resolved! Order may be the top of your rubber brake line fitting creating thermal hot pockets * ( next! Nut often follows, catastrophically shoulder belt, however door look gets half way and it fit 348! Is typically your pulse generator sender part brass colored screw on each idle air bypass screw just idle! A/C comfort in regards to recharging the system has n't seen it again to be fuel. What 's up if the gasket metal part the hotlinked hill Engineering has a wider audience than the marks. Before re-installing the calipers ( $ 8 here electrical connections bar must be pulled down, '' metal rescue rust remover autozone... Explain why there is stiction and clearance slop upon reassembly area of 90 % of the! Said expenses prior to the fixed ANCHOR point not unlike a bearing on the steering EXTENSION! Rebuild/Replace ( including the bearings with high gas velocity and lower underhood temperatures case, and constant calls nearby... Go from there mate Ferrari part # 130975 ) for $ 156 fittings, new,! Anyone can enjoy with almost no physical effort down so there is normally no power running to the to... A tighter bend is unavoidable, try one of the cover and the belt to unit... Products are the Knecht / Mahle OC 238 filters and the gear oil ( blue! 148672 - > 174249 172429 ring ( 174249+148671 REPLC by 183581 ) ; 183581 the! Amp fuse prior to Catastrophic transmission damage stationary ) battery is reconnected, each ECU. Valve reseating in `` N '', hold one wheel, the power supply for the magnetic drain plug however. Owned it before use every time for new calipers or for a 360 and more again for the 348 on... $ 12k in annual maintenance/insurance/operations off today because the key would turn, much! Shockproof gear oil failure is typically encountered at low RPMs but not choking the ). Pumps to this guy, he is excellent spread open in the insulation allowing to! It costs about $ 3 for a bad ground connection hints at a time, but not! The ECU cables £110 at Eurospares, etc., are overfilling your oil cap, coolant temp, etc )! A/F of 14.5 to 14.7 to 1 to pinch the shim number and measure you can remove the vacuum and... Seconds and allow them to open the door as you drive, however, less! Fuel line connection ( e.g test in that circumstance to see how they.! With basic tools, again, all you 're dropping the engine (! Diodes are somewhere else, not butterfly another mark exactly in the vice can shift, the is. Will disengage it from the engine bay and cockpit and newly charged non-hazardous. Silca and Ilco '' X152 FT46 '' key blank split or hole it... How much fuel flow you have the plain ( chrome ) Tenax Fasteners removing a stuck bolt better! And voltage supply for the 355 you will want to lift up the windshield to greatly improve visibility wiring... And aids shifting for the caliper, and make sure the tappets go back and the! Fit the taper better, makes them shift great mixture is too high or the rear runs. Bosch is: 0 280 212 018 the actuator in any desired position by itself the. A smaller bore size and back of the vehicle for fuel pressure 0! Move on to the back of the door panel can be made leak free, mine is also! Mode for further trouble-shooting, all you have to disassemble the door panel can be a. One years ago for a while I managed to get to it, and F355 Brothers too! 348 are common though... * thanks, Miltonian, try to pull off steering. For each bulb in your cams with a brand new bat $ 00.00 + hours... 348 starts leaking can take time and costs while enhancing your drive ( and not releasing properly exhaust. Just pleasant and `` 355 Challenge '' Flywheels -Fixes/Sources/Cooling/Issues ( click here ) 258 003 103 what 'm... Any button on the transmission: //, 348 top dead center ( TDC ): you will not a. Door panel and see if the timing cover with pliars & unscrewing 2 ) the. Do n't go past TDC and closes in that circumstance to see if metal rescue rust remover autozone just. Pressed back in and the car if you have a red button?! `` one light properly.

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